Sasuke Meets His Future Self Fanfiction

Featuring Team Seven fluff. ” Sasuke told them, “Oh,Sasuke. For example the Susanoo. #wattpad #fanfiction During the battle with Kaguya, Sasuke is fatally stabbed by Kaguya's deadly rods, before he dies, Sasuke gives Naruto the yin seal, and granting Naruto the rinnegan as well. Summary: “We’re four. it got deleted by the author ages ago. If he disregarded everything he would just take Naruto's and Sasuke's chakra and never interact with them. SNS fanfic! Sasuke and Naruto go into the future and find their future selves in a relationship. Konoha 12, Sai, The 3 Sand Siblings, Kakashi, Guy, Kurenai, Asuma, Iruka, Yamato, Jiraiya, Tsunade, and the 3rd Hokage all of them appear in a white room with Hagoromo also known as Sage of Six Paths and the only way out is to see their future. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha and my dream, no, my will is to kill a certain someone. Sasuke asked them while he and he's best friend are searching for some hint of their appearances as the both of them recognised the presence of their past self's chakra even their old sensei. apologising for having made him into a jinchūriki as well as for not being present in his life. The Disintegration Mechanism is a Sasuke time travel one-shot that focuses on him getting revenge on Itachi. Itachi-centric. Of course, when Naruto disappears from the past, everyone (and by everyone I mean like 3 people) are concerned about him. Kid-Sasuke thought seriously as he eyed his supposed future self. Into the Future by ichilover3. Sasuke realises the final parting gift given by his father before his death. Surferboy February 25, 2020 11:41 PST. as he had his hands folded together while leaning in towards the group. A unique case: the main character doesn't meet any future kids of his own—he meets a future child of his enemies! Box Lunch (daughter of the Box Ghost and Lunch Lady) who is sent by Clockwork to Set Right What Once Went Wrong. "This I really something…I would have never imagined being able to meet my younger self. They are realistic, well-written and very entertaining: He Had No Fingers Chapter 1: He Had No Fingers, a naruto fanfic Official summary: T. Learn more. He somehow managed to get all of the paper work done this time in the day. The 'future self' took a minute to gaze at the younger man in front of him with a gentle smile. i’ve been reading naruto fanfiction since about 2015-2016, and there are literally so many fics that i don’t think i could ever get to them all. Yet, mad I am not by Erisah Mae ONGOING. Spoilers: Yeah, a little. Not much for plot though, since the focus is on the pairing. I don't smile… "This is great news!". Younger Sasuke's emotion wall broke, and like a flood, everything he'd felt came out. The story of Naruto and his friends time has passed, now it is up to Boruto and his friends to surpass his. Naruto always asked Sakura for a date. "That outfit…it really takes me back. “Kura-chan said that we’d ‘probably’ end up at that age. Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto it's nice to see that sakura is not useless people Sakura, Sasuke, naruto if Sasuke never left everything would be fine once again A Happy Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto Over Time This is what Sakura wanted - her beloved idiots all together now! :') Team 7 is the best! I'm a narusaku and a sasusaku fan<< Well that's weird xD. Webnovel - Broxhitman1998 - 4307269656 - Naruto: Journey of the strongest teacher, Seven Deadly Sins: Enders struggle as a pacifistic demon. §Naruto various x F OC§ She was known throughout the five great nations, not for her strength or knowledge, she was known for her shadow. Deidara Iwagakure. ” Sasuke eventually found the need to point out. When he started to manifest his higher self, it almost automatically destroyed all of existence itself, forcing the Goddesses, and his own trained future self, to step in and prevent a catastrophe (in the new "altered" timeline, when Noike secretly fired the Choubimaru's cannon to collide with the Earth, again to preserve her future, Tenchi. TeamLeader!Sakura, Naru/Saku besties, Medic!Sasuke, Power of Friendship! and geopolitical intrigue! Mostly fluff, until the Wave arc. Sasuke Uchiha (うちはサスケ, Uchiha Sasuke) is one of the last surviving members of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. Ichchha Muerte is another Sasuke time travel fic about him trying to get revenge on Itachi. Hopefully, he does the right thing. You be entering a body building comp soon. For All Those Left Behind (80914 words) by For All Those Left Behind (80914 words) by